Liquid Image Apex HD + WiFi Camera Goggles review

Helmet cams are all the rage, but what if you want a less conspicuous option?

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All in all, anyone who's interested in taking video of themselves and their buddies skiing would no doubt dig the Apex HD + WiFi from Liquid Image. While GoPros are all the rage, the fact remains they're not the only game in town and well... not everyone likes the idea of having a camera mounted to their helmet.

Liquid Image Apex HD WiFi Camera Goggles

We disliked

Compared to other goggles the Apex HD + WiFi is pretty bulky. We tested it with two helmets and didn't really have any problems but the control modules and battery are large especially when they're on top of a helmet. Also, at $US399 it's a commitment that definitely lacks the flexibility of other options. We also don't understand why all of these companies continue to use WiFi to connect to your phone as opposed to Bluetooth, which is significantly easier to setup and use.

We liked

We really liked having a simple to use and inconspicuous setup. While the kids on the mountain seemed to revel in the fact that everyone knows they have a GoPro some of us prefer to go a bit under the radar.


With image and video quality that rivals other manufacturers, if you're a skier looking for a less conspicuous option you'll no doubt be happy with the Apex HD + WiFi.