Toshiba 32RL853B review

An affordable 32-inch LCD with plenty of fine-tuning options

Toshiba 32RL853B
With limited online access, this TV is not one for the internet video junkie

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Toshiba 32rl853

Toshiba's 32RL853 is a curious TV, offering picture calibration tools that are far more advanced than most buyers of this set will probably ever need, plus some solid pre-defined user modes.

On the other hand, using the 32RL853 is a staid experience with little in the way of flair or panache. The remote control, menu system and styling could all do with a little love. Hopefully these flaws will be addressed on the forthcoming mid-range and high-end sets.

We liked

The 32RL853 offers an extensive level of picture calibration that will please tweakers, plus decent picture presets that are fine for movie viewing. Both the media player and BBC iPlayer elements work well, and it's an easy TV to get to grips with. HD sources are delivered with considerable aplomb.

We disliked

The audio performance of the 32RL853 leaves much to be desired, even for a TV that may end up in a second room, and the menu system is hardly enticing. Backlight pooling is noticeable with some material. The clumsy YouTube feature is likely to be looked at once and then ignored.

Final Verdict

Toshiba's 32RL853 puts its picture performance above everything else, and for that it should be applauded. However, the level of calibration it offers is arguably better suited to the 37-inch and 42-inch models in the range, where owners are more likely to want to get their (or a professional's) hands dirty.

At this size, a few more bells and whistles would have been a welcome trade for some of the excessively technical features.

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