Samsung UE37D5000 review

Super-slim TV with edge LED backlighting, but no Freeview HD

Samsung UE37D5000
A good budget option for those with a separate Freeview HD tuner

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Samsung ue37d5000

The UE37D5000 is capable of some slinky, silky pictures far from the extreme brightness of its dynamic mode.

Put into Movie mode and properly calibrated (we ignored typical Samsung features such as black tone enhancer and various noise-suppression tools but tweaked the gamma) the UE37D5000 is capable of serious highs with Blu-ray.

That innate brightness and wide contrast combine to lend colour some bold, well saturated tones, while remaining natural on our Blu-ray test disc The Tourist.

Black levels are good, nothing more; night on Venice's canals, nooks and alleyways seem a distinctly blue affair, though it's worth experimenting with the backlight level (accessed through the picture menu) to reduce that. At times, the UE37D5000 gets closer to pure black than it's any right to at this price, though the panel's brightness isn't completely uniform.

Horizontal camera pans are smooth enough and during fast action, such as the chase across the Venetian roofs in The Tourist, there's a touch of blur and loss of detail. It's never serious. More troubling are vertical camera pans, which leave a nasty stepped visual that are uncomfortable to watch.

Meanwhile, the many close-ups of Angelina Jolie in the movie are rendered with some flair that's miles from Freeview, though the UE37D5000 proves itself a pretty versatile set by producing clean digital TV images. Soft, yes, but clean.

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