Philips 46PFL9707 review

Moth Eye returns on this rare direct LED TV

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The Philips 46PFL9707 is one of the nicest looking TVs around - and in more ways than one. With an awesome build quality that extends to unusually good quality speakers, too, Philips' flagship TV is something very special for 2D Blu-ray playback.

We liked

Spin a Blu-ray disc and the Philips 46PFL9707 is capable of producing the best-ever black levels, contrast and detail from an LED-backlit LCD TV. Mixed brightness sequences amaze, and rarely look processed.

Net TV is much improved, largely because of the new double-sided remote control - another slab of high quality hardware - and its clever cursor-style navigation.

We disliked

Though refreshed, Net TV remains relatively weak, with only BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Acetrax of much interest - and no sign of the likes of ITV Player, Netflix or Lovefilm.

If you're after a home cinema screen then that issue won't be important, but the Philips 46PFL9707's crosstalk-scared 3D very well might be.

Final verdict

Wrapped in both the finest brushed metallic build quality around and an Ambilight glow, and supplied with an innovative and powerful speaker system, the Philips 46PFL9707 is special in so many ways.

A new user interface proves flexible, and the TV's keyboard-backed pointer remote dazzles, though it's mixed brightness sequences and total black that are this Direct LED-backlit LCD TV's clear highlights.

It's just such a shame that Net TV offers few apps and, worse, that 3D is plagued by crosstalk. Still, there's no arguing about the Philips 46PFL9707's title as king of 2D Blu-ray.

Also consider

In terms of flagship TVs there are some awesome choices out there, from the uncompromising Samsung UE55ES8000 with voice control and a sci-fi design (and a super-slim bezel), the elegant (though with a very similar 3D crosstalk problem as this Philips) Sony KDL-46HX853 to two from Panasonic; the TX-L47WT50B and the fluid of movement, intense of black 'king of plasma', the Panasonic TX-P50VT50B.