Panasonic TX-32LXD700 review

An LCD TV that's as green as it is majestic

TechRadar Verdict

One of the best 32in LCD TVs on the block and one of the most eco-friendly too


  • +

    Excellent eco credentials

    Impressive colour and detail

    Strong audio performance


  • -

    Black levels good rather than great

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The TX-32LXD700 is another illustrious addition to Panasonic's fine portfolio.

Practically every feature of a Panasonic TV is meticulously thought through, and the power consumption of this model is no exception: the TX-32LXD700 uses 140W in operation and only 0.4W in standby mode. These power consumption ratings are among the lowest around, already getting the TX-32LXD700 off to a flying start.

The Panasonic TX-32LXD700 sports a price tag that's to be expected of its flagship status, clocking in at a cool £800. Some of that high price will certainly be justified by the design: clad in a glossy chassis, the TX-32LXD700 looks the part alright.

The TV's specifications sound the part too, and it's HD-ready thanks to a resolution of 1366 x 768, while the quoted contrast ratio measures 8500:1.

The TX-32LXD700 is also no miser when it comes to hi-def connectivity. Three HDMIs head the cast of connections - more than useful for the hi-def kit junkies out there, who want to hook up the likes of a hi-def disc player, Sky HD or Virgin Media box and hi-def games console simultaneously.

Other connections include component video, PC VGA, and S-video inputs, two RGB-enabled Scarts, and a common interface (CI) slot, alerting our peepers to the inclusion of a built-in digital tuner.

Apart from analogue and digital tuners, other features at the TX-32LXD700's disposal include an SDHC card slot for playing back digital photos in hi-def from standard or high-capacity SD memory cards; 100Hz processing for dealing with LCD technology's traditional motion handling problems; and Panasonic's V-Real Pro suite of picture processing gubbins (incorporating 1080p upscaling, backlight adjustment and advanced 3D colour management).

Lord of screens

What is more encouraging is that the TX-32LXD700 walks the walk as well as talking the hi-def talk, as it's capable of some killer hi-def pictures, seriously getting to grips with our test movie of Hulk on HD DVD.

The fast camera pans and action sequences are artefact-free platforms for the TX-32LXD700's talents: it certainly seems like 100Hz processing is a welcome addition to the feature list. Colours are a riot and skin tones are suitably human in their appearance too.

Black levels are good, but they're not the best we've seen, as there is some evidence of greying-over during the movie's nocturnal scenes. Still, it's a very minor criticism of the TV's excellent hi-def performance, which also includes some pin sharp pictures and impressive fine detailing on display.

Standard-def programming is also solid, as is the TX-32LXD700's audio prowess: the built-in speakers use Panasonic's Advanced Smart Sound System to boost audio performance, and it's a treat for the ears.

Best of the best

Plain and simple, this is one of the best LCD TVs that Panasonic has come up with. If the black levels could be improved upon, then the manufacturer would have a real world-beater on its hands at this screen size.

When you throw some eco-friendly power consumption stats into the equation, the TX-32LXD700 is a 32in HDTV that's hard to resist the charms of, and a TV that justifies its price tag. was the former name of Its staff were at the forefront of the digital publishing revolution, and spearheaded the move to bring consumer technology journalism to its natural home – online. Many of the current TechRadar staff started life a staff writer, covering everything from the emerging smartphone market to the evolving market of personal computers. Think of it as the building blocks of the TechRadar you love today.