LG 65UF850V review

LG's new 65-inch 4K screen is feature packed and 3D ready.

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TechRadar Verdict

LG's 65UF850V is a 65-inch 4K UHD TV with all the trimmings, including unbeatable webOS Smart portal and updated HDMI connectivity


  • +

    Lush colour reproduction

  • +

    Super detail with native 4k sources

  • +

    Slim design and impressive build quality

  • +

    Intuitive webOS smart platform


  • -

    Decent 3D viewing angle is difficult to achieve

  • -

    Screen doesn't deliver really deep blacks

  • -

    Lacks a full complement of catch-up services

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LG is pushing hard with UHD this year. No less than 65 percent of its TV range offer 4K resolution, and the 65-inch UF850V screen reviewed here sits at the premium end of its many Ultra HD offerings.

While the UF850V sells for less than LG's UF950V flagship, it's still a fully tooled 4K telly. The UF850 is part of the brand's ColourPrime family of screens, an umbrella term that describes both Quantum Dot and Wide Colour Gamut panels, both of which offer richer hues than the norm.

This set uses the latter. While the QD filter is intrinsically more expensive to implement than a wide colour gamut panel, there's actually very little difference to be seen between the two.

The UF850V is also available in 49- 55- and 60-inch guises, as the 49UF850V, 55UF850V and 60UF850V respectively.

4K UHD TVs have four times the resolution of their Full HD equivalents, but to really get the best from this level of pixel density it's always worth going for the largest screen you can. 65-inches should be considered a sweet spot for ultra high definition.

Slimline design and clever with it

The UF850V looks more upper class than premium economy, and close scrutiny reveals some wonderful attention to detail.

The metal edging to the screen bezel is seamless – it's a complete wrap without visible joins. The set also has a separate metal backsheet, with the screen module moulded on to it. This back panel is completely smooth, with no grilles required for ventilation.

LG 65UF850V 4K UHD Smart TV review

This attractive metal ribbon stand not only looks swish, but it helps with sound and vision too

The UF850V also sports a posh metal ribbon stand, common to LG's Cinema Screen TV series, with a distinctive line groove finish. This doesn't just look cool, it also helps mitigate against unwanted light reflection.

When you're watching your new 4K TV in a dim, dark room the last thing you need is light reflection bouncing back off the metallic stand and diminishing screen contrast. The grooves cleverly help disperse any screen light reflected by the stand.

Trim and trendy

The trim below the screen looks trendy, but upon closer inspection reveals itself to be an audio reflector for the set's downward firing micro speakers. The clever engineering is by Harmon Kardon – in fact all of the brand's step-up 4K models have audio systems designed by the hi-fi specialist.

Connectivity comprises just three HDMI inputs, two of which support 4K 60Hz with HDCP 2.2 copy protection compliancy.

This means that when Ultra HD Blu-ray launches, or broadcast services begin, the set will be able to deliver 2160p resolution images. Without HDCP 2.2, screens will either display a down-rezzed version of the signal, or maybe nothing at all (companies are a little vague when it comes to specifics here, mainly because they don't actually know).

Tune in TV

LG 65UF850V 4K UHD Smart TV review

The bit around the back harbours a fine array of connectables

The set has both Freeview HD DVB and DVB-S satellite tuners. Those still living it large in the Nineties can also take advantage of a SCART and component video input. For connection to exterior speaker system or soundbar, there's a digital optical output. While the set has Wi-Fi onboard, there's also Ethernet LAN.

Helpfully, the Wi-Fi is dual band, covering both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The ability to connect over the less congested 5GHz band is to be welcomed. There's is also Wi-Fi Direct for enabled laptops. A Screen Share function supports both Miracast and Intel WiDi compatible devices.

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