ZVox Loudspeaker review

Expand your soundstage

Zvox Loudspeaker
The bulky Zvox is not exactly a stylish-looking piece of kit

TechRadar Verdict

A decent loudspeaker, this will suit more modest setups


  • +

    Solid build

  • +

    Good controls

  • +

    Powerful performance


  • -

    Basic connectivity

  • -

    Not the most appealing to look at

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US brand Ingenious Audio specialises in single-box speaker systems suited to small(ish) flatscreen TVs.

There are two models in the range, the ZVox Mini for dinky TVs in a bedroom, say, and this ZVox Loudspeaker, which is generally aimed at 32in models.

Inside its compact black box are three front-facing 3.25cm full-range, long-throw speaker drivers behind a black-mesh speaker grille. A 5in bass driver is also built in to the cabinet with a bass reflex port at the back.

Wider soundstage

Despite the mention of 'Surround System' on the packaging box, and in the instruction manual, it is not intended to imitate a multichannel surround sound speaker system.

Instead, its Phase Cue control on the front panel manipulates stereo input signals to create a wider soundstage, by mixing it with an out-of-phase signal. It's surprisingly effective, delivering an expansive soundstage.

Stereo TV audio sounds bigger and appears to stretch outside the confines of the compact speaker unit.


Subwoofer level control lets you tune its output to best suit your surroundings and tastes. It's bulky for wall-mounting, but will easily fit on a TV stand, and the cabinet is even sturdy enough to allow you to plonk a set directly on top.


Connections are simplistic, with only two 3.5mm jack plugs to accept stereo inputs from a TV set or DVD player. There's is further input on the front for a music player, though. It's also not exactly a stylish-looking piece of kit.