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Anvil Sound Display 4 Series review

Specialist speaker stands for those who value quality

Anvil have options to suit everyone

Our Verdict

Delivers good sound performance, has a variety of smart looks and has enough options to suit most tastes and applications


  • Good price

    Sounds are clear and differentiated


  • Mid-range may be too colourful for some

Anvil Sound Display is a new company to us - a specialist, making speaker stands to order. The design is fixed, but different base plates, heights, spike options and so on make the finished product very flexible. Basically, this is a single-pillar stand, the pillar being made of thick-walled aluminium of square cross-section with some little profile details in it that both look good and help damp resonances.

It is fixed to a base of steel or wood (various finishes) and topped with a steel plate. The process of ordering on the web site takes you through a complete configuration process. The pillar has holes top and bottom through which cables can be routed, and while those holes make the use of loose filling impractical, Anvil supplies filling (metal chips) in sealed plastic bags which can be simply dropped inside before the top plate is fitted. Finish and general appearance are very good.

We were pleased with the sound of this stand, which did good service under several different small and mid-size speakers. It is impressively stable and non-resonant and as a result the sound is clear and precise. It does seem, compared with the best stands we've tried, to have a contribution of its own in the midrange, where there's a touch of colour added to male voice and instruments that occupy that register (tenor sax, for instance).

However, it lacks the confusion that plagues many cheap stands; on the contrary, melodic lines are clearly differentiated. The price is attractive and we're happy to recommend the range.