Sonos Play:3 review

New wireless music system is cheaper but is it still as cheerful?

Sonos Play:3

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Sonos play3

The Sonos wireless system is so easy to set up and use that it's difficult not to rave nonsensically about how wonderful it is; and despite the lower price tag, the Play:3 doesn't let it down.

We liked:

The easy set up, the wealth of music options (digital radio, MP3s, Spotify, etc.) and the size of the Play:3 are all major positives.

Being able to slot the unit into a nook or cranny where, previously, we'd have had to make do with a low-quality wired speaker is brilliant, and we're absolutely in favour of the lower price point.

And despite that, you don't lose out much on sound quality with a full, filling sound that offers the depth and breadth of a larger system.

The free control apps for Android and iOS devices offer a brilliant remote control experience at no extra cost.

We didn't like:

We're still not massive fans of the price; for a system that is intended to be built up and added to, you're still looking at over £500 to kit out two rooms; and that's not even counting the premium Spotify account (£10/month) or any additional extras like the remote.

While the Play:3 is brilliant for incidental rooms, like the kitchen or the bedroom, you're not going to want to replace your high-end living room hi-fi system with the dinky little speaker, and audiophiles will no doubt notice the grating trebles and slightly hollow bass more than most.

We'd really like to see Sonos rethink its desktop software, which isn't very beautiful to look at and could be clearer to use.


The Play:3 is an excellent multi-room option and brings the Sonos system slightly closer to the realms of the common man's bank account; worth saving up for? We think so.

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