MunroSonic Egg100 review

A nearfield monitor system with distortion-free audio – what's not to like?

MunroSonic Egg100
British manufactured, near-field monitoring system which boasts distortion free audio reproduction

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If you're into music creation or DJing, and are looking for something a bit different from the standard black-box-with-amps-inside that most monitors consist of, then you may well want to give the Egg100s a serious look.

The heady mix of great-sounding speakers, with an impressive dedicated amplifier, makes the Egg100 a quality all-round audiophile package.

We liked

Their striking design may not be to everyone's taste, but there's more behind the Egg100's appearance than mere aesthetics. There is serious science at play here, and it gives the Eggs a unique sound as well as a unique look.

That simple, powerful amplifier is a neat touch too, allowing the speakers to reproduce the purest sound possible without having to do any amplification work too. Having an integrated headphone amp is also welcome.

But it is all about the Egg100 system's sound reproduction as a whole, and on that score the setup is really hard to beat for the money.


We disliked

They don't quite go low enough for seriously bass-heavy work, and as such lend themselves more towards vocal-led production and mixing down live recordings, than hardcore electronica. However they do kick out way more bass than I was expecting for their size, and coupled with a decent sub (something MunroSonic is currently rumoured to be working on) they'd be absolutely cracking.

We also have to admit that because of the material the versatile stands are made of, there is a certain rubberised odour which takes a good long while to disappear.

And at £899 this monitor system certainly doesn't come cheap. But then if you're looking for a powerful addition to your home studio, or even pro studio, you don't want to cheap-out on your monitor speakers.


The MunroSonic Egg100 is a very good monitor setup. If you have a small home studio and need something highly detailed, tight and precise that won't tire your ears, and you don't need to work much below 50Hz, they are absolutely ideal.

They can hold their own in the hi-fi department as well.

The Egg100 speakers are extremely well made and the external amplifier, with its built in headphone amp, makes them a cut above other monitors in a similar price bracket. Highly recommended!