EE TV review

EE's attempt at TV bundling goes under the knife


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There are plans to extend the service to non-EE customers at some point in the future, but that has yet to be properly confirmed or detailed. The service doesn't really rely on EE's broadband in any noticeable way, so there aren't many reasons for them to stop non-customers buying one. And I could also see them extending the offer to those on EE mobile contracts as well, and perhaps stream via 4G if the broadcasters can be persuaded.

We liked

EE TV is really nicely designed. The hardware is small, and while the box doesn't feel especially high-end, for something that sits under your TV it's absolutely fine. The interface is where EE TV shines, and while it's a very corporate looking box, a lot of care has gone into making it feel like an EE product, while still offering a slick and easy to understand user experience.

We disliked

The restriction on using EE TV on EE Broadband is somewhat understandable, we have been told that in the futre this restriction might not apply for those who are prepared to pay to own the box - rather than enjoy EE's 100% subsidy. There are some little things that would make EE TV better, like more streaming services, but there's no reason these can't be added. The only question will be if EE can get other providers interested enough in the product to develop apps for it.

Final verdict

EE TV is a great piece of kit for anyone who wants one of the most flexible PVRs on the market. It's incredibly rare to be able to stream recordings and live TV to tablets and smartphones, and it's even rarer to see it done with an app that works as advertised and looks brilliant. I loved the way you can flick live TV show, or recording from a tablet or phone back onto the TV too, it's a smart idea and makes watching TV super-flexible.

For anyone happy with their EE broadband service, and wants to stay, the EE TV box is a no-brainer. It has loads to offer and it's easily one of the better Freeview recorders on the market, with the potential to outdo even YouView if it can attract more app support and streaming services.