Sky+ HD 2TB review

Huge 2TB hard drive and now with added Wi-Fi

Sky+ HD 2TB review
The Sky+ HD 2TB with Wi-Fi looks just like the normal 2TB box - with one small addition

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With Sky offering the biggest choice of HD TV channels in the UK, it makes sense to bolster the recording capacity of its flagship PVR, the Sky+ HD 2TB.

If you're a Sky subscriber who has lived under the cloud of single digit space warnings, this box can't arrive at a better time. Couple this with enhanced on-demand offerings (which still has some way to go, it must be said) and you have probably the most coveted timeshifter in town.

We liked

The Sky+ HD 2TB's cavernous hard drive is a boon for HD TV enthusiasts, and picture quality is excellent. The system is simplicity itself to use, and the Sky+ app makes searching even easier. Pushed On Demand Spotlight content keeps things fresh.

It's been a long time coming but Sky has finally included Wi-Fi inside the box, allowing you to connect to your home network without the need for a cable or additional wireless adapter.

We disliked

On Demand Pull services appear to be a work in progress, though, and there's still no 5.1 audio over HDMI.

Final verdict

It should be noted, though, that this 2TB goliath is more evolution than revolution. There's no change to the number of tuners onboard (hands up if you hanker after four) and networking functionality remains conspicuous by its absence.

Given the rapidly changing nature of Freeview+ HD PVRs, and the development of Freesat Freetime, the Sky feature set is beginning to look a tad conservative in comparison.

But the real beauty of the Sky+ HD 2TB box comes in using the thing. The result is peerless premium TV. For HD television addicts this is an upgrade worth lusting after.

The most tempting Sky+HD proposition yet, this generously equipped PVR is a panacea for both busy family users and TV enthusiasts alike. A must have upgrade for the Sky faithful.

Steve May
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