Now TV review

On-demand TV boxsets and movies complemented by live TV streaming

Now TV box and remote

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We Liked

The content available through Now TV is superb. Movie release dates are much closer to their Blu-ray counterparts than Netflix can muster up and having HBO content one stream away, via the Sky Atlantic channel, is impressive.

The sheer amount of places you can watch Now TV is impressive as well. Having tried out the service on the PS3, PS4, Now TV Box and YouView, it's great to see the UI the same across the board.

Also, the ability to watch on two devices at the same time frees up the service no end.

It's also a great-value way to access Sky without having to strap a dish to your home or sign your life away on an 18-month contract.

We Disliked

You can only register on four devices. This may only be a problem for a technology reviewer but with the many places you can watch the service, this feels like a number than needs to be upped.

Quality is also currently capped at 720p, which will irk the Full HD crowd. You will need a strong-ish internet connection as well - otherwise you will face buffering issues.

The quality of streams does seem to vary from app to app as well. Although, having used this service for over a year now, I have seen a marked improvement in the adaptive bitrate that is being used by Sky.


Now TV has evolved into a compelling alternative to the all-you-can-eat buffet offered by Netflix and Amazon, and the straight PPV of Blinkbox and its ilk. If you're interested in making a specific Sports grab, or simply want to catch up with some trending TV, it has much to offer.

While there are some performance niggles, those on the right end of a fast broadband connection should be able to watch a pleasingly smooth stream. Overall value for money is high.

Steve May
Home entertainment AV specialist

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