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Competent but way too expensive

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AnonymousVPN does what it’s supposed to - offering reliable and secure connections without terrible speed losses on most locations, as well as intuitive and straightforward apps anyone can use. That said, the service is grossly overpriced since its server network is very small, accepted payment methods limited, customer support slow, and there’s no app for iOS.


  • +

    Allows torrenting

  • +

    Strong encryption

  • +

    Up to 3 connected devices simultaneously


  • -

    Quite expensive subscription

  • -

    Free trial isn't really free

  • -

    Small server pool

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It’s all about ‘dude’. The dude. Visit the Anonymous VPN homepage, and it’s the ‘anonymous mascot’ in the dark shades that dominates all. We’re told he will never reveal his name. And, we assume, the company will never reveal our name either. Or, we’d hope, any other details, if it’s set to join the ranks of the best VPN services.

The company is based in Gibraltar, a territory of Great Britain and member of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance - a group of countries that share security data. As of this review, Anonymous VPN hasn’t published a full VPN server count but they said they have "several servers" in 23 countries such as Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Itay, Ireland, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Ukraine, and Russian. 

In comparison to industry giants, which have thousands of servers and cover multiple locations, this is a limited server count. 

Anonymous VPN: Pricing & plans 

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In our years of reviewing VPNs, we haven’t come across a VPN provider that charges for a free trial, it is called a free trial for a reason. However, Anonymous VPN has a non-refundable 3-day plan at $1, and if you fail to cancel your 3-day trial, they will automatically upgrade you to a weekly plan at $4/week without consulting you, which is highly unethical.

The VPN plans are as followed:

Monthly: $12.00

Annually: $69 ($5.75/month)

The plans allow only three simultaneous connections, unlimited bandwidth, and a dynamic IP address. We dislike that Anonymous VPN only accepts credit or debit cards for payment. However, payments on the platform are handled by SwiftCharge, so no payment information is stored. Keep in mind that there is a 14-day money-back guarantee included with the monthly and yearly plans. You only get a refund if you used no more than 500 megabytes and made fewer than 100 connections. All in all, it's hardly a cheap VPN

Anonymous VPN: Privacy & encryption 

Anonymous VPN claims to follow a strict "zero-log" policy to ensure maximum privacy by not tracking or keeping records of the websites you visit or your actions while linked to the VPN. 

The policy does state that in order for you to make payments, they collect your email address and credit card information. They do, however, collect bandwidth data and timestamps, which are used to assess network performance. Although they claim not to log data, we would like to see them have an independent auditor run a full VPN audit to be sure. 

Anonymous VPN may be based in Gibraltar, but because it doesn’t collect and store personal data that can be used to track you, there’s nothing to turn over even if a government requests user data.

Anonymous VPN is also a P2P-friendly provider - in other words, you can use this VPN for torrenting. Remember, though, downloading copyrighted files is illegal, and we recommend that you check your country's laws before torrenting. 

Anonymous VPN: Streaming 

One of the reasons you need a VPN, aside from not having to worry about your privacy being compromised, is to stream geo-restricted content. We tested the streaming VPN, expecting great things. We were sorely disappointed. It's a shame - it’s a fine VPN for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer, but it doesn't appear to work for other streaming services. 

Anonymous VPN: Speed & experience 

Anonymous VPN in action

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The rate at which your internet connection can retrieve data from the internet is referred to as download speed. It is expressed in megabits per second (Mbps). Upload speed is the rate at which data can be sent from your devices to the internet via your internet connection and it is expressed in megabits per second (Mbps). 

We ran the speed tests on a server near our location in Canada and saw a fast speed, with websites loading in 3 seconds, which is quite acceptable. On a 30Mbps connection, we tested a Singapore server and received a download speed of 11.41Mbps; on a Russian server, we received a download speed of 15.23Mbps. We noticed that a nearby server had a fast speed, while a distant server had a slow but manageable speed. 

Anonymous VPN: Customer support

Anonymous VPN in action

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Anonymous VPN can be contacted via email through a ticketing system which is available 24/7, the responses are provided in English within 20 minutes of the inquiry.

The VPN platform also has a comprehensive Knowledgebase section that covers most topics, with a two-part FAQ section and helpful tips on some of the most common problems subscribers might encounter. To engage their community, they also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Anonymous VPN, on the other hand, lacks a live chat feature, which has become popular among so many VPN providers these days.

Anonymous VPN: Apps 

Anonymous VPN is compatible with Windows,, with mobile VPN apps for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, there’s no support for macOS and Linux. Installing and configuring the Anonymous VPN app is simple, requiring no technical knowledge. To begin, you must register on the website, where you will be asked for your email address and asked to create a password. 

Anonymous VPN: Alternatives 

Top alternatives to try include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Proton VPN, and VyprVPN. These offer better security assurances and value for money. 

ExpressVPN allows for five simultaneous connections on devices as well as unblocks all popular streaming media. NordVPN operates over 5,200 servers in 60 nations. Proton VPN does not track your activities and does not collect or use any of your personal information. And VyprVPN's apps are feature-rich and simple to use, and its proprietary Chameleon protocol does more than most to get you online in China and other VPN-unfriendly countries.  


Overall, Anonymous VPN could use some development. Some streaming websites are unblocked, and it has top-notch security features. But the virtual private network simply can’t compete with the fastest VPNs on the market - especially when connecting to a distant server. Additionally, it is quite expensive, lacks a live chat feature, and has a very small server network. 

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