This tiny motherboard plugs in a memory slot and barely bigger than a business card — LattePanda's minuscule MU packs an N100 CPU, 8GB RAM and can even run an Nvidia GPU

LattePanda Mu
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LattePanda has unveiled its latest single board computer, the LattePanda Mu - and although it is barely larger than a business card at a mere 60mm x 69.6mm, the micro x86 compute module is equipped with an Intel N100 CPU with 4 cores. 

LattePanda says the Mu, which can run both Windows and compatible Linux operating systems, is faster than the Raspberry Pi 5, and more configurable. End-users can design custom carrier boards based on specific requirements, with suggestions including a dual-Ethernet port board for a router and a SATA interface for a NAS solution. 

The Mu comes with 8GB of memory with IBECC support, 64GB of eMMC 5.1 storage, and a range of expansion pin options including three HDMI/DisplayPort, eight USB 2.0 ports, up to four USB 3.2 ports, up to two SATA 3.0, and 64 expandable GPIOs.

Add your own GPU

The Mu also offers up to nine PCIe 3.0 lanes, allowing for the addition of dedicated graphics card, so the diminutive device can be put to more demanding computational tasks. 

The LattePanda Mu's open-source carrier board designs and libraries can be found on the company’s dedicated GitHub repository, allowing developers to make quick modifications and refinements.

“LattePanda Mu is not just a micro x86 compute module; it is a breakthrough design solution that offers users unlimited customization possibilities," said company product manager WangBo.

With its powerful computing performance, GPU capabilities that surpass traditional options, and flexible thermal design power range, it becomes the ideal choice for various applications and performance needs. The customization options of the LattePanda Mu allow users to design carrier boards according to their requirements, providing perfect solutions for diverse application scenarios.”

The LattePanda Mu board retails for $139, while a kit including the Mu, Mu Lite Carrier and Mu Active Cooler is currently available for the reduced price of $190. 

If you’re intrigued by the LattePanda Mu but aren’t quite ready to buy it yet, we’ve got a full review coming up shortly.

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