Microsoft has a new chief security officer - what could this mean for Windows security?

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Microsoft has announced major security leadership changes that will see existing CISO Bret Arsenault move over to a new role as Chief Security Advisor.

As part of the shakeup, former Chief Strategy Officer Tsyganskiy will assume the new position as Global CISO for the Redmond giant from January 1, 2024.

In a LinkedIn post, Microsoft’s Security EVP, Charlie Bell, indicated that evolving threat landscapes have contributed to the company’s decision to revise its security portfolio.

Microsoft new CISO

Bell added that, “The speed, sophistication, and scale of cyber-attacks is accelerating. This requires a new focus.”

Arsenault had served as the company’s CISO for 14 years. As Cheif Security Advisor, Bret will focus on escalating the compan’s impact across the entire ecosystem: Microsoft, partners, customers, government agencies, and important communities.

Bell also shared some of Tsyganskiy’s history: “Igor is a technologist and dynamic leader with a storied career in high-scale/high-security, demanding environments. He brings deep knowledge and experience from his previous role outside of Microsoft…”

Tsyganskiy recently held four roles at asset management firm Bridgewater Associates, including CTO. Previously, Tsyganskiy served as SVP for Product Management at Salesforce and Head of Advanced Technology Group at SAP Labs.

In response to Bell’s announcement on LinkedIn, Tsyganskiy said: “Thank you Charlie Bell, I am humbled and honored to take a responsibility of protecting Microsoft with a large and dedicated community of security professionals all over the world. Thank you Bret Arsenault for the hard work and amazing contributions you have made to our industry.”

Whether or not there has been any key contributing reason to the company’s security leadership shakeup is unclear, however Microsoft has been at the front of a number of incidents in recent months, including a couple of Windows vulnerabilities.

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