"All that came before was really a pregame show" — Dell CEO says AI will be bigger than the Internet, but it needs to do good for humanity as well

Dell Technologies World 2024
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The use of AI tools in enterprises across the world is set to reach a whole new level in the next few years as the hardware needed to ensure it performs effectively finally comes to market, the CEO of Dell has declared.

Speaking at the opening keynote at Dell Technologies World 2024 in Las Vegas, company CEO and Chairman Michael Dell noted we are well on the way to the next stage of technological development - fuelled by AI.

"All of that progress that came before was really a pregame show, and we're moving from computation to cognition - towards the age of AI," he told attendees at the event. "We are unleashing technology that will unleash scientific technology and development...to transform how we live and work."

"AI wave"

"The AI wave is massive,” Dell went on to say, “eventually, the application of AI will be like the internet - it will be as ubiquitous as the Internet, as electricity.”

"It's both a sprint and a marathon…the uptake and demand for AI is unprecedented - it will touch each industry, in every organization."

But along with all the enthusiasm and positive declarations, Dell was also careful to warn of the positive ill effects of AI should the technology be used for malicious means.

"The real question isn't how big AI can be, but how much good is AI going to do…and how much good can it do for the world?" Dell asked.

“Everyone is going to have access to this technology, and it’s going to get smarter and more powerful quickly - and in the wrong hands, it’s a powerful threat.”

“AI should be trained within the parameters of our morality, our beliefs, our laws and our humility…as eventually, AI will be at the center of all of our lives.”

Dell outlined his company’s philosophy of "AI for human progress", with projects and use cases ranging from healthcare to environmental efforts.

"For us to realize the possibilities of AI, we need to do it responsibly, and address the barriers to adoption holistically," he concluded. “We stand ready to support government leaders, and together shape a safe, innovative and inclusive future for AI by making the right decisions.”

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