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Manfrotto 055XB with 804 head review

A well-built and tough tripod

The more robust build of this tripod makes it feel much sturdier when in use

Our Verdict

The 055X is comfortably big enough and sturdy enough for outdoor use. It doesn’t have the class of some rivals, but it’s a fraction of the price. There’s a ‘boom’ version available if you need this feature


  • Sturdy, robust build
  • Competitive price
  • Lightweight


  • Not as good looking as other tripods
  • Has a tendency to 'stick'

The Manfrotto 055XB doesn't have the rotating column which can be found on the 190XPROB. If you want this, you'll have to pay £15 more for the 055XPROB.

This version is cheaper and lighter than the 'rotating' version, which could be important because this is a more substantial tripod, with thicker, longer legs that give a higher and stiffer platform to shoot from. However, it's only 600g heavier.

A sturdier tripod

The extra size and sturdiness make a big difference. Whereas the 190 doesn't always feel up to the job, the 055 does. It's not much larger when folded, either.

Low-angle shots are easy because the 055 enables you to remove the centre column completely, and it goes high enough without the centre column to make this practical for outdoor photography.

The 804 head is a trifle 'sticky', but the weight and stability of the 055 make this less of an issue.