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Sennheiser MX 55 VC review

Street-style earphones with volume control

You won't get mugged for your iPod with these

Our Verdict

Stylish headphones are a good fit


  • Stylish

    Twist To Fit system works well


  • Not proffessional quality

We have to admit to having a real soft spot for Sennheiser headphones. We particularly like its trademark 'twist to fit' system, which hooks a smaller rubber pad into your outer ear, thus keeping the earphone firmly in place despite any accidental tugs you make on the lead.

Sennheiser's new 'street' range starts at just £10 and these MX 55s are £25, but we found them for even less online. Considering the sound quality of the headphones, that's a very reasonable price. They're not at the professional end of the headphone spectrum, but the bass response is impressive and they're leaps and bounds ahead of the standard Apple earbuds that ship with your iPod.

They're also styled in black, which doesn't advertise the fact that you've got an iPod. Plus, there's a volume control, which is an essential requirement for street use. The cables do tangle easily though. However, if you're after reasonably priced earphones for everyday iPod use, we can happily recommend them.