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Panasonic DMP-BDT460 review

3D Blu-ray and Netflix with 4K photos and 4K upscaling

Panasonic DMP-BDT460

The DMP-BDT460 isn't Panasonic's flagship Blu-ray deck for 2014 – that honour goes to the DMP-BDT700 – but in many respects it feels like one. Effective 4K JPEG Playback and good 4K upscaling mark this out as a worthy purchase by anyone with an Ultra HD 4K display.

We liked

Within a great-looking design the DMP-BDT460 excels with its 4K JPEG Playback and SD Card slot, its all-round prowess with Blu-ray discs and DVDs, and even its 2D-3D conversion, which actually does work.

The 4K upscaling proves its worth, while VieraConnect lifts the user interface from its rudimentary roots. Digital file playback is another highlight; MKV, AVI, AVC HD, MPEG, MP4 and MOV video files played, as did MP3, M4A, WMA, FLAC and WAV audio files.

We disliked

There's not a lot wrong with the DMP-BDT460. The UK version does lack a few must-have apps, the user interface is a tad basic, and the remote control is poor for a high-end deck.

For all the 4K talents of the DMP-BDT460, it can't play uncompressed MOV and compressed MP4 files of native 4K video via its USB slot; the Ultra HD telly we tested it with could.

Final verdict

If you're after exacting picture quality and have the coming era of 4K firmly in mind, the DMP-BDT460 makes a great value choice.

Spanning all the latest Blu-ray features but with its Viera Connect platform missing a few crucial apps, the DMP-BDT460 is a good value high-end choice for 4K home cinemas and photographers, too.

Attached to an Ultra HD TV the DMP-BDT460 spits out pristine upscaled Blu-ray images and pin-sharp 4K photos, while the inclusion of a couple of USB slots and a SD Card slot is handy, too.