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Telstra oversight leaves much-ballyhooed eSIM tech unavailable to certain Apple Watch 3 owners

The one major feature that makes buying the new LTE-capable Apple Watch 3 worthwhile – that is, the ability to use the wearable without having to tote a paired iPhone around too – seems to be completely unavailable to some Australian owners.

Telstra was the first to announce its One Number eSIM support for the Apple Watch Series 3, which allows customers to share the same number and mobile data plan across their wearable and phone.

The telco has offered connectivity first to post-paid customers but, as EFTM reports, many of the telco’s big-money paying customers have been left hanging.

Telstra business clients have complained that they’re unable to connect their Apple Watch 3s to their accounts, leaving them unable to use the Cupertino firm’s first LTE-capable wearable the way it was meant to be.

And it’s not just big businesses that are unable to connect – any Telstra customer with a business account seems to be having connectivity issues.

There’s no word yet if customers with personal post-paid accounts are facing the same problem, but nonetheless this appears to be a rather glaring oversight on Telstra’s part.

Hopefully, it’s one the telco can fix in short order.