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Sydney property developers are building Amazon Alexa right into new apartments

Now that Amazon has finally brought Alexa to Aussie shores, Perth-based IoT company Quantify Technology has teamed up with property developers in Sydney to place its Amazon Alexa-powered Q device into residential units in the suburb of Lindfield, as reported by CRN.

The devices will provide residents with Alexa voice-controlled home automation using Amazon Echo Dot hardware and Quantify's own Alexa add-on, Qumulus Skill, which is said to allow for more natural language to be used. 

“With natural language control, we’re able to deliver residents a truly unique living experience,” said Quantify managing director Mark Lapins.

“What sets this project apart are the capabilities our technology can offer the future residents at Lindfield. Combining our platform with a world-class voice solution like Alexa paves the way for us to raise the bar on residential and commercial development projects from here on out.”

Like having your own digital butler

The Sydney-based firm Cambridge Electrical Services will be handling the installations, with founder Tony Sclavos describing Quantify's smart home device as a "feature-rich solution that delivers all of the functionality we could need currently as well as in the future thanks to their modular design, without the complexity and cost of traditional systems we would have used previously.”

Whether we can look forward to more Australian property developers implementing smart home tech into their building projects remains to be seen, but it is a good indication of what the future has in store for us.