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ComBOTS comes out of beta for full launch

ComBOTS will be hoping to win over the next generation of instant messaging users

Combots AG has released the full version of its brand new instant messaging service 'ComBOTS'. It's an original take on the old instant messaging format, using desktop avatars instead of contacts lists.

So instead of putting your contacts in a listing window like Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger do, it uses animated characters which stand on your desktop.

Each ComBOTS user is represented by a personalised high quality 3D character and can send animated emoticons that add a new creative dimension to today's standard messaging services.

By introducing this customer-friendly business model, the free version of ComBOTS offers its users a number of pre-loaded characters and emoticons. Users can then download and add new characters and emoticons by visiting the ComBOTS shop.

CeBIT demo

We were given a demonstration by the ComBOTS team at CeBIT. There is definitely some appeal in this new program, although it's certainly aimed at a young audience - the novelty side of things is unlikely to wash with older users.

One aspect which will certainly appeal to younger users is a growing number of licensed characters from movie and television formats such as Garfield, SpongeBob, Daffy Duck, Peanuts, The Lord of the Rings and others. Prices for emoticons start at less than a pound. Whole collections can be found at the ComBOTS shop for around £7.

Certainly worth checking out if you're heavily into animated emoticons and the like. It's available for free to all Windows XP SP2 users.

James Rivington

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