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iTunes has sold 1 billion songs since January

Apple's iTunes Store now contains 5 million songs worldwide

Apple has now sold 3 billion songs on the iTunes Store - and one billion of those have been in the last seven months. The astonishing numbers come on top of Apple's announcement last week that it sold 9.815 million iPods between April and June this year.

The growth of sales on the iTunes Store is nothing less than phenomenal. It took Apple two years to ship the first billion songs; 11 months to sell the second billion and now it's achieved the third since January.

Whichever way you look at it these are big numbers - especially for the music biz, which is understood to take the lion's share of the proceeds. It kinda makes you wonder why Universal Music is getting so sniffy about iTunes. Or why Universal Music artist Eminem is currently suing Apple .

Worldwide the iTunes Store now contains five million songs, 550 TV shows and 500 movies. Apple has yet to offer either TV shows or full-length movies - apart from Pixar shorts like One Man Band - on its UK site.