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T-Mobile sells a million Googlephones

Vodafone are launching the G2 Android phone in the UK next month
Vodafone are launching the G2 Android phone in the UK next month
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T-Mobile has sold a million Android-powered G1 'Googlephones' in the US since launch last October, with the launch of its successor, the HTC Magic, imminent.

While many were quite taken with Google's Android OS the clunky and unsightly HTC handset was widely criticised, which makes the news that a million have already flown off the shelves even more impressive.

Affordable Android

"Could the success be a result of Android alone?" asks "The answer is an obvious "no". Other factors include some top-notch customer service and very tempting rate plans."

Additionally, to put this news in context, Wired notes that "it took Apple just 74 days to shift a million iPhones".

While Vodafone is laughing and clapping itself on the back with bringing the next HTC Android phone to its network, the rumours that T-Mobile have managed to nab a version of the Magic for the US refuse to go away.

It's likely that this phone would be dubbed the G2 over the pond, so the pink side of the network will at least have a direct successor to the fairly successful G1.

But roll on the Magic launch next month! TechRadar will of course be on hand to bring you all the latest news on that as and when we get it.