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Samsung reckons it can shift 10m Wave phones

Samsung hopes to make Waves with the Wave
Samsung hopes to make Waves with the Wave

Samsung appears to be betting big on its new Bada platform for its mobile phones, throwing out some big targets to achieve.

The most impressive is the pledge to sell 10 million of its first Bada-powered phone - the Wave - by the end of the year.

That's an even bigger mountain for Samsung to climb as it's been given a UK release date of April this year - meaning it will have to shift over one million Waves a month to achieve its target.

A spokesperson for Samsung told Total Telecom that it's given itself this lofty figure to achieve, and the app store will be brought up to speed to create an attractive platform for consumers.

Making waves

The plan is to offer over 1,000 apps by the end of the year - which would put Bada on a roughly equivalent level with Microsoft Windows Marketplace and the Palm App Catalog.

Samsung has also pledged to keep supporting to Android platform from Google, despite some speculating that Bada was designed to rival the open source platform:

"bada is very important to Samsung but we're pursuing a multi-platform strategy. We are the number two handset developer globally and we have to provide different handsets in different markets, for different market segments," Dr Justin Hong, VP of Samsung Mobile said to Total Telecom.