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Q3 release for HP Hurricane webOS tablet?

The HP Slate - it's all about webOS now
The HP Slate - it's all about webOS now

HP could be readying a new tablet device in just two or three months, based on the new webOS system that comes with the acquisition of Palm.

Having seemingly canned the Slate, HP looks set to resurrect the project even faster than previously thought, with a new Q3 release date for a webOS-powered tablet being bandied about.

The takeover of Palm isn't likely to be rubber-stamped until August at the earliest, so for HP to bring out a tablet in that short time would mean its either a) already working on it in the belief the takeover will be fine or b) just really, really good at making things.

Our champion spirit is here to stay

The new webOS-based tablet is said to be codenamed Hurricane, meaning it should be lightning fast under the new operating system - the Palm Pre certainly is, so scaling up webOS and stuffing in a huge leap up in hardware could result in something pretty cool.

We're taking this information with a smidgen of sodium-chloride, as it's based on an 'insider's' information, but that's how leaks happen, so who knows? Either way, it's good to see these rumblings from HP already - we're usually waiting months for something cool to come from a takeover.

From The Examiner via BGR