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Parents to get full control of child's phone

Parents to get full control of child's phone
All your texts are belong to us

Parents are about to get a scary amount of control over their kid's mobile phone, thanks to a new parental control system.

The system has been developed by Bemilo, and will allow parents to read every text message, filter friends before adding them as a contact and set up timers for the phone to be turned on and off.

It's linked to the SIM card and controlled via a website. It's being offered by Vodafone, with the service setting concerned parents back £2.95 per month.

You gotta fight, for your right, to… send a text

Bemilo founder Simon Gaff told The Telegraph: "Unlike an app, Bemilo's SIM will work on any mobile device or tablet, and most importantly cannot be bypassed by the child."

The service is intended to help protect children between the ages of 8 and 16, shielding them from unsuitable material and unsavoury characters.

However, it does raise the debate over the acceptable level of parental control on a child's technology - this move may cause consternation from pro-privacy groups, even though child protection is of paramount importance.

Are you aged 8-16, or a parent with kids? Let us know your thoughts on the service in the comment box below.

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