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HTC strenuously denies ditching Beats Audio integration

HTC strenuously denies ditching Beats Audio integration
Doth the manufacturer protest too much?

HTC has hit back at the rumour-mill, stating that speculation it will drop Beats Audio from its handsets are "categorically false".

Reports started circling yesterday that HTC is hoping to drive handset costs down by taking out the audio enhancements.

But an HTC spokesperson told us, "HTC remains strongly committed to Beats headphones and including their innovation in our devices. Any rumour of HTC no longer integrating Beats Audio into our devices is categorically false."

Like they'd forget about Dre

HTC has already stopped bundling Beats headphones with its handsets, supposedly down to network complications.

That's not to say that the rest of the speculation is false though; HTC's been having a hard year with low sales, a $40 million OnLive investment write-off and the decision to sell half its stake in Beats all spelling trouble for the handset maker.

Despite the premium branding that the company aimed at with top-notch handsets like the HTC One X, there's still a chance that HTC will look to lower price points with its upcoming Windows Phone and Android ranges.