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HTC asks public to name next phone

Hey kid, you'd like the HTC Wildfire right? Of course you would... you're cool
Hey kid, you'd like the HTC Wildfire right? Of course you would... you're cool

HTC has taken the interesting/frighteningly lazy step of asking the public to name its next phone via a Facebook poll.

The survey gives you four options, with HTC giving its very odd reasons for doing things this way:

"The guys and gals in the lab are working on something new and we want you involved in the process. We are looking for a name that is playful and full of youth. If you were to choose one of the following names for a new phone, what would it be?"

The names are: the HTC Jovi, the HTC Zeal, the HTC Wildfire and the HTC Festi. We know, odd choices indeed (well, not when you consider that this company calls its phones the Desire, Magic, Dream and Incredible).

Halfway there - now stay there

We know of another site pushing the HTC Jovi - and we simply cannot let this happen. Unless the new phone is day-glo orange, into power ballads and doubles as a snap bracelet (and comes with a free packet of Skips) then this would just be wrong.

The Zeal is just stupid - it's like a French person trying to describe arctic wildlife, and the Festi is a derivation of the German Fest, which means to celebrate. That's far too cerebral.

But the Wildfire? Yeah, now we're talking. It's playful, youthful and ultimately has the word fire in - and that says the HTC Wildfire would be super cool and probably have a good-looking sister.

So come on everyone - head on over to the Facebook poll and vote Wildfire for TechRadar. It's already well in the lead (because it's the best name, obviously) but there's a more important reason: we cannot allow the HTC Jovi to ever come to pass.