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3 outlines iPad, Android and Spotify plans

3 CEO chats iPad with UK journalists
3 CEO chats iPad with UK journalists

At a network briefing today CEO Kevin Russell talked about 3's strategy regarding zeitgeist products, such as Android and the iPad.

When asked by TechRadar about the possibility of being one of the big data providers for the 3G iPad, Russell stated that it's not something that would fit into the company's strategy:

"To range the iPad would be a great thing, and the iPhone in time on the right terms, but we prefer to be doing something that other guys [networks] would be less comfortable doing.

"If every man and dog in for bidding for [the iPad], it's like in the Premier League with footballers, you end up paying more than you should do.

'Interesting product'

"[However] The iPad could be an interesting product; the iPhone is already a great product but I don't see 3 as a player in there overstretching to buy something in a very competitive landscape - I see 3 as something different, so when everyone charges one way, we go the other. It might not always be a successful strategy, but it's the culture I'd rather have."

Russell was also asked whether he would continue to range Android handsets, having begun to do so with the recent release of the HTC Hero.

He replied that the company will be bringing out more in the near future: "Yes, Android will play a big part - it is important to us."

He also highlighted the importance of Spotify, which was debuted as a mobile application on the 3 network with the launch of the Hero, promising "half a dozen more [Spotify] handset in the next few months."