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Nvidia rumored to launch new laptops GPUs by the end of 2018

Next gen Nvidia laptop GPU

Rumors of new Nvidia desktop graphics cards seem to have all but dried up, but we might possibly see new GPUs coming to laptops.

A Gigabyte/Aorus UK Notebook representative on the OverclockersUK forum confirmed laptops equipped with next generation Nvidia GPUs are scheduled to release towards the end of the year – though this rumor requires some extra extrapolation to be taken at face value.

The bombshell was dropped in response to another user asking if there was another higher-spec Gigabyte Aero 15 X coming soon – so given that and that Gigabyte only uses Nvidia discrete GPUs the next generation graphics would have to a new part from the Turing family.

We wouldn’t normally put much stock in a single forum post, but it seems more credible coming from a brand representative posting to a retail site with direct partnerships to both Gigabyte and Nvidia. The forum thread has since been taken down, but it seems the Gigabyte/Aorus UK Notebook representative is still an active member, so it seems like the forum user is at least genuine.

Despite a lack of movement on new desktop graphics cards, Nvidia has launched a new series of laptop GPUs with no desktop equivalent in the past – as evidenced by the Nvidia GeForce 800-series on notebooks but not desktop cards.

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Kevin Lee

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