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Samsung hits back with own projector phone

The Samsung Show projector phone
The Samsung Show projector phone

Logic Bolt may have thought it captured the hearts and minds of the mobile-projector-in-a-phone market, but it seems Samsung has other ideas.

Gearlog managed to bag some hands on time with the candy bar handset, showing the device off for being impervious to the huge chassis constraints placed upon other projector phones by sporting an almost-normally shaped handset.

The handset apparently comes with five projection options, including File Viewer, Story Telling, Album, TV, via the inbuilt DMB-T mobile TV system and Flashlight (or Torch to most people).

LEDs together

The projection, while using LEDs, is based on Texas Instruments' DLP chipset, rather than the Liquid Crystal on Silicon used by Logic Bolt, which goes some way to explaining the way around the patents built up by the latter company.

However, it seems that at the moment the Show is only going to be available in Korea, with all the demonstration features paraded in Korean.

It does build on Samsung's widget based OS, meaning that it shares some technical specifications with the likes of the Omnia, Tocco and Pixon (it's only when you write all the names together that you realise Samsung's product naming department is slightly bizarre).

Even if it doesn't come to the UK, you could always head over to Korea to pick one up... especially if you like watching children's stories played to you in Korean.

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