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RIM wants the BlackBerry to be less business-y

MySpace and BlackBerry...BlackSpace?
MySpace and BlackBerry...BlackSpace?

RIM and MySpace have decided that the average BlackBerry user is spending too much time being productive – reading spreadsheets on the train and so on – so have teamed up to make social interactivity a bit easier.

The plan is to 'develop an integrated MySpace Mobile experience customised for BlackBerry smartphones', whatever that may be.

We'd expect them just to be reformatted, resized and ultimately, scaled down to fit the mobile screen, especially when less than five per cent of handsets carry a 3G connection for super fabby-fast mobile internet.

Community chest

RIM will also be creating a BlackBerry community page on MySpace to let users know all about their favourite handset, with downloadable content such as video, games and skins.

The new app will allow users to see updates in real time, comment on photos and integrates the camera into the site to allow easy uploading.

You better expect children with a penchant for black eyeliner and emotional rock music to start demanding a BlackBerry Bold for Christmas then...