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3G-enabled Google Nexus 7 could arrive in six weeks

Google Nexus 7 3G model could arrive in six weeks
The Nexus 7 may get even better.

The Google Nexus 7 may be about to get even better with report suggesting Asus is currently manufacturing a 3G variant of the popular 7-inch tablet.

In our Google Nexus 7 review, the powerful yet amazingly priced tablet blew us away with its top-notch hardware, the latest Android Jelly Bean software and strong design – although the limited storage options and lack of 3G support were tiny chinks in an otherwise perfect suit of armour.

However according to a MoDaCo source "with insider knowledge", Asus is ramping up the production of a 3G variant of the Nexus 7, which could arrive within the next six weeks.

One for the Christmas list

The source claims there will be no other hardware changes, with the inclusion of 3G the only addition to the new tablet, although we expect it to be dearer than the Wi-Fi only models.

The exact Google Nexus 7 3G release date and price are currently unknown, as is the legitimacy of the source who revealed the information, but with the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 and potentially the iPad Mini both on the horizon, Google will want to ensure it stays dominant at the budget end of the market.

We've contacted Asus to find out if it is working on a 3G version of the Nexus 7 tablet, and we'll update this article once we hear back.

Update: An Asus spokesperson told TechRadar: "ASUS are not commenting on any rumours or speculation."

Update: If a 3G version does arrive, UK mobile networks will be involved when it comes to data plans for the tablet. We spoke to O2, who didn't seem to know anything about a forthcoming 3G tablet from Asus: "We're not aware of this device", said a spokesperson.

From MoDaCo via Phone Arena