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Want to Facebook from the Sahara?

Satellite broadband
TS2's portable satellite modems let the US Army access Facebook from Iraq

When you need global access to the web and e-mail only a BGAN portable satellite modem from TS2 Satellite Technologies will do.

We've played with a BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) satellite modem before.

It's about the size of a small laptop, is made out of sturdy plastic, weighs 1Kg, and folds out to become a transmitter/receiver.

Plug one into a laptop and you can bounce your data off the various satellites in the Inmarsat network.

Who needs satellite broadband?

According to TS2, its BGAN terminals are undergoing something of a renaissance. They're becoming an essential bit of kit for foreign correspondents, soldiers (the US army is a fan), crisis management units, police, fire brigades, emergency services and other safety services.

The T&T Explorer 700 model, for example, is capable of high-quality simultaneous audio and video transmission in real time, two-way data transfer up to 492 Kbit/s , ISDN and VoIP telephony. This is a serious bit of technology.

Or you could use it to play World of Warcraft on the summit of Ben Nevis.