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Opera 11.60 gets full public release

Opera 11.60 gets full public release
Opera is for life, not really for Christmas

Opera 11.60 has today left the beta phase and got itself a full on public release.

The new version of the popular alternative browser comes with the ability to star your favourite sites (which is a one-click way of adding sites to your Speed Dial), a redesigned mail client and faster load times for SSL secure webpages.

Opera 11.60 also brings with a new HTML 5 parsing algorithm with it, which means it can handle code discrepancies more efficiently than previous versions and ensures a uniform web browsing experience.

Plus it comes with the added bonus of not being Justin Bieber's browser of choice.

Jingle Browsers

It may not have escaped your notice that it's currently December – it definitely hasn't escaped Opera's notice, as the company takes the opportunity to suggest you give your loved ones the gift of a new browser.

As Jan Standal, VP of desktop products at Opera says, "It's better to give than to receive, so why not give that special someone a new browser."

Note to all: gifts of free browsers will not be well received.

Regardless, Standal continues: "People spend more time working with their browser than they do their car, so it makes sense to shop around and consider their options. If your best friend drove a Yugo, you'd help them find something else, right?"

Hey, friends, ditch whatever a Yugo is and download Opera 11.60 from here now.

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