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Twitter changes its landing page

Twitter - changes
Twitter - changes

Twitter has tweaked its main landing page, giving live tweets, trending topics and selected tweeters more of a billing on the sign-in/sign-up page.

The sign-up page was only revamped last year, but the microblog is keen to show off the real-time functionality of its offering.

"Today, we're testing a new design that bubbles up more of the information flowing through Twitter," said Doug Bowman on the Twitter blog.

"This builds on a series of changes starting last year when we redesigned the homepage to make search and trending topics more visible and easily accessible to everyone."

"Not just status updates any more"

Bowman explained that the changes should show that Twitter is 'not just for status updates any more."

"It's a network where information is exchanged and consumed at a rapid clip every second of the day," he stated.

"With so much being shared, we know that there's something of value for everyone. People who internalise the value of Twitter understand the power of this simple medium.

"But it hasn't been easy to make that value transparent or obvious for curious folks coming to Twitter for the first time."

Twitter will monitor the effect of its changes, so this may not end up being the final home screen.