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One fifth of teens put own naked pics online

Teens are using the internet to post naked pics
Teens are using the internet to post naked pics

A survey of 1,280 teenagers has shown that 20 per cent of them have posted naked pictures of themselves online and sent them to other people.

The survey, conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and, showed that nude videos had also been posted, and when adults are included the number rises by over 30 per cent.

A majority of those photos and videos posted are for a partner's eyes only, with around 70 per cent of male and female teenagers citing the conditions.

However, a worrying 15 per cent said they'd sent the photos to people they had met online.

Passed around

And don't think that these images are sacred... around 25 per cent of girls and 33 per cent of boys surveyed said they had been shown pics meant for someone else.

However, in young male adults, this number rises to 40 per cent... possibly as men show off their 'conquests' to peers.

The advent of digital photography means that a photo isn't a singular instance any more, and anything sent over the 'net could come back to haunt you in the future... so it's probably best to think twice before hitting 'send'.

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