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Tell me...what inspired the Xbox One's design?

Xbox One prototypes
That's a whole lot of Xbox Ones

Microsoft revealed during the keynote at its Worldwide Partner Conference today that the Xbox One's design was influenced heavily by the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. Go figure.

Xbox Creative Director Carl Ledbetter talked about some of the early console prototypes and explained Microsoft's thinking behind its latest black box. The console was designed with elegance and simplicity in mind, he said, as well as Wright's ideal that form and function should be one and the same, without one following the other - talk that reminds us of our college art history classes, to be honest.

Ledbetter said his team of almost 30 went through a large number of designs and more than 200 Xbox One controller prototypes, finally settling on something they feel fits in well with today's sleek HDTV designs.

Xbox One Kinect prototypes

Sketchy (Credit: Engadget)

The question is: did they succeed?

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