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Apple approves push Gmail for iPhone

Apple allowing Push Gmail onto the iPhone?
Apple allowing Push Gmail onto the iPhone?

Apple has reportedly approved an application that lets you push Gmail to your iPhone.

The new Gpush application isn't live yet, but TechCrunch is reporting that it's been given the go ahead and will be available when the developers sort out issues with their servers.

The application uses Apple's Push Notifications system brought in with the iPhone 3.0 firmware update, as the iPhone doesn't support native push Gmail.

The new application not only gives you (almost) real-time pushed email, but also presents you with notifications as well, so you'll know when there's something to be read in your inbox.

Thawing relationship?

Given the recent problems Apple and Google seem to be having with application approval at the moment (with Google Voice and Latitude) it's surprising this has been let through, although this is a third party effort.

Many will be hoping this is Apple buckling slightly under the ire of users annoyed over the slightly inconsistent App Store approval process, with a dictionary being rejected but ideas like the 'Baby Shaker' app being let through.

The main hope is that Spotify will be allowed its place on the iPhone, as it will give users a viable alternative to iTunes and will likely change the way music is listened to on the mobile.

Via TechCrunch