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Yet more delays for AMD processors in 2008

After a string of disappointments from AMD, sources in Taiwan who are working on the development of the company's new Phenom quad-core processors are saying the anticipated first quarter 2008 release of the chips will be delayed until the second quarter.

Besides the expected delay of its quad-core 9700 and 9900 CPUs, AMD may also be faced with the delay of its triple-core Toliman chip, but as of press time, it was still expected to ship on schedule.

The Taiwanese manufacturer claims that the quad-cores are being pushed back due to a glitch in the chips' translation lookaside buffers, which AMD has been trying to resolve for quite some time. According to the sources, the processors cannot be produced until this issue is resolved. To make matters worse, it looks like Intel's own 45nm quad-core CPUs will arrive in the first quarter, bang on time.

So far, AMD has yet to officially announce the delay of its Phenom CPUs, but as more time passes without any updates, look for the company to fill us in sooner rather than later.