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Your Android phone can now read you a bed-time story

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If you long for your childhood when someone would always read you a bed-time story before bed, you're in luck (if you have an Android phone) as Google Assistant can now do just that.

Google has just released its Tell Me a Story function to Google Assistant on all Android phones – previously it was only available on Google smart home products, but now you can have a bed-time story read to you on the go.

The Tell Me a Story function works just how you'd expect – if you ask Google "tell me a story" or a few other variations, such as "read me a bedtime story" or "bedtime story me now", the app Google Play Books will open and a randomly-selected story will be read to you.

The stories aren't exactly complex works – when we tested the feature we had Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and then the Sorcerer's Apprentice, then Hansel and Gretel – there are also a few Dora the Explorer and Nickelodeon stories available.

Each audio book is between three and ten minutes long, and read in a lovely, comforting voice – perfect to dose off to after a long day at work. You can't choose what story is read to you, and it isn't exactly the most challenging or adult of content, but then again what better way to return to your childhood?

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