You'll now get fewer annoying review prompts on your iPhone and iPad

Apple is now cracking down on apps that send you notifications to review them on the App Store.

Apple won’t allow third-party apps to ask you to leave the app altogether, but instead will offer an alternative that allows you to give it a star rating without having to leave the app you're using.

The notification prompts you to review the app you're using and gives you a five star rating system, but it doesn't look like you can leave a comment in your review without switching over to the App Store.

Once, twice, three times a prompting

Each app will only be allowed to prompt you three times a year in this way as well.

It means you won’t be constantly asked to give the app an up to date rating and you’ll only get a few notifications over the course of a year.

Until recently, Apple would delete the previous reviews from an app store listing after it has been updated. Apple has now dropped this feature though so developers will be less inclined to push notifications to your phone asking for reviews. 

If you still dislike the new way of Apple encouraging you to rate apps, you can turn them off altogether by heading into the iOS Settings app.

Via 9To5Mac and The Verge

James Peckham

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