You can help make Alexa smarter with the new Alexa Answers tool

Amazon Echo Dot
(Image credit: Amazon)

Are you smarter than Amazon’s Alexa AI, the voice assistant that powers the Amazon Echo speakers? Now is your chance to prove it with a new feature called Alexa Answers.

This feature, which first launched in the US in 2018, is now letting Amazon UK customers flex their brains and share their knowledge on topics with Alexa which the AI doesn’t know the answer to yet.

As it stands, there is a list of questions which Alexa doesn’t currently know how to answer at If you feel so inclined you could be the one to help Amazon’s AI gain a deeper understanding of a topic by answering questions that users have asked, that Alexa wasn't so sure about. The idea behind this, of course, is to help Amazon make Alexa more reliable and help educate more people.

Since launching in 2018, hundreds of thousands of answers from the Alexa Answers community have been shared with Alexa customers millions of times.

Obviously, the more Alexa knows the more helpful it can be to the people who need it most. All you need to do to help out is have an Amazon account and you can get started.

 How to get involved with Alexa Answers 

To submit answers to outstanding questions, simply login to your Amazon account. Once you’ve done this, you should then see a list of questions which require answers.

You can filter this list of questions based on a number of factors, like showing the most frequently asked questions, newest ones or even different categories. Amazon would probably like us to think of it as an extended game of Trivial Pursuits.

You’ll also be rewarded for answering questions, earning points for a monthly and weekly leaderboards, as well as being given badges for the number of questions you’ve answered. There's no prize or Amazon credit to be accrued here, but really, imparting knowledge is its own reward, right?

Amazon said in a press release that this feature is “just one example of the many ways Amazon is continuously working to grow Alexa’s knowledge and provides an opportunity to bring added value to UK Alexa users with uniquely local answers”. And Amazon has said that you can rest assured that all submitted answers will be vetted, checked and moderated before being implemented into the Alexa's core knowledge base.