Youcast is the easiest way to start streaming on YouTube or Twitch

Youcast is the easiest way to start streaming on YouTube or Twitch,Youcast is the easiest way to start streaming on YouTube or Twitch

Setting up your own streams on YouTube or Twitch can be complicated, so Youcast is here to make the whole process much easier.

Youcast includes a range of pre-sets for live shows, game-plays and screen capturing, so users can get started in the world of streaming without having to worry about complicated settings.

Whether you're streaming games, how-to beauty videos or your new stand-up routine, you can use Youcast to make your broadcasts that much more interesting than the rest of the competition.

Does your bedroom not suit your stream? You can also replace the background of your shot easily, without having to use perplexing green screen technology.

Magix Youcast

It uses Intel RealSense technology to do so and means you can set up backgrounds for your videos from anywhere. You can even customise your own for a personalised stream.

If you're a performing artist, there's a template called Live Cast which allows you to set up songs, photos and videos in advance.

For gamers you can use the Game Cast template, which allows you to set up a picture-in-picture display so your audience can see everything in the game as well as you.

Plus there's screen cast which shows your computers desktop into the stream for those who want to set up tutorials, interviews, workshops, webinars and other types of presentations.

Youcast also gives you real-time effects so you can make your streams look different to every generic stream out there.

If you want to do a stream in Sepia tone you can, or you can even do a picture-in-picture effect to give your audience even more to look at.


Setting up on YouTube and Twitch is much easier with Youcast and if you're looking for something to help you stand out from the crowd, this is the software to do it.

You can download Youcast today from here.