TechRadar's Weekly Deals: Sennheiser CX475 headphones for £19.99

Sennheiser CX475 headphones
Sennheiser CX475 headphones for only £19.99

Welcome back to another week of the best tech deals we can find online. If you have recently upgraded your mobile to the new iPhone 5S or HTC One, you'll know the stock headphones that come with them are not exactly high-quality. They do provide decent enough sound, but those of you who like to hear your music in the best possible quality would do well to upgrade.

That's why we think the Sennheiser CX475 headphones from Argos are a steal at only £19.99, a saving of 50%. These earbud style headphones offer superior quality to the stock ones that come with smartphones, so you will be able to hear the finer details in your music.

Another hot deal this week is a PlayStation 4 pre-order from Gamestop UK for only £329.97, an amazingly cheap price. With everywhere from Amazon to Game selling out of their allotment already, and even Sony themselves not being able to keep up with demand, you would do well to get your skates on and bag this bargain before it sells out as well.

As always, we have done our best to seek out the best deals we can online for plenty of other tech, so if the deals above are not what you're interested in, take a look at the others to see if you can save yourself some cash on your next tech purchase.


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