Tactile robots, AI and Ex Machina - Total Film's covered it all

Ex Machina - in the latest Total Film
Ex Machina - in the latest Total Film

We're big fans of robots, and that means we're also big fans of both movies with robots in and of magazines about movies with robots in.

But our friends over at Total Film have gone one better than even that by making their latest cover feature - which features the upcoming AI thriller Ex Machina - all touchy feely with skin texture and metallic spots.

Total Film

Obviously our *favourite* bit is the words inside, which talk about a film which we're told by the experts is shaping up to be one of surprise gems of 2015.

So, if you, like us love AI, robots and want a glimpse of two of Star Wars VII's stars (Dominic Gleeson and Oscar Isaac are both in Ex-Machina) then this might be one to watch.

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