Richard Branson shares his vision of a sustainable world

Richard Branson shares his vision of a sustainable world

British entrepreneur Richard Branson has outlined a vision of a world powered by solar, wind and hydroelectric power and called for innovation and regulation to get us there by 2050.

At a gathering of business leaders in New York, the Virgin founder called for an end to oil drilling and subsidies for fossil fuels, as well as a tax on carbon around the world. "Obviously I've got three airlines, it won't be great news in the short term, but it definitely needs to see a global carbon tax," he said.

He also called on governments to take the lead on clean technologies, taking money from "dirty industries" and funnelling it into a "big innovation pot" to counter climate change. "The end result by 2050," said Branson "will be a world where we're powered by sun, we're powered by wind... we're powered by other innovations."

Out Of Poverty

Referring to the upcoming November 30 climate change conference, where 195 nations will gather to sign a pact on curbing emissions, he said: "It would be, I think, pretty dreadful if we don't have a big success in Paris."

The end result, Branson said, would be a world in which fuel would be cheaper than today. "Countries that are big oil producers, coal producers are going to have to adapt but the vast majority of the world will benefit," he said. "It will pull everyone out of poverty and it will be a really exciting world to aim for."

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