One More Thing: Who would win in a fight between an Avenger and a pirate?

"One More Thing: Who would win in a fight between an Avenger and a pirate?
Shut up, piracy

Aveng-ooh-ars – Proving that piracy doesn't actually harm box-office receipts, Torrentfreak has taken a look at just how the Avengers managed the biggest movie weekend ever in cinema despite it being pirated more than half a million times on the web ahead of its release. [TorrentFreak

Kids in the hall – Not content with being the brainiest college students in the world, MIT students are also the geekiest. Well one is, as he got a little bored and fashioned his own tech-style Mario Kart to whiz up and down the halls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [SlashFilm]

Bullet time – How many times has James Bond dodged a bullet? Is a question nobody has ever asked while sober but this hasn't stopped New Scientist figuring out the answer, alongside the fact that it's nigh on impossible that the fictional character is still alive. [New Scientist]

Giving up the Ghost - Some bright spark in the US has decided that to test all the exciting tech in the world a whole town has to be created. Not just any town, though, a ghost town. The whole thing is set to cost £600 million. Who you gonna call? Well, not the 800,000-odd homeless people in America unfortunately. [BBC Newsround]

Waiting for a bone call – A phone has been shown off at CTIA which has no speaker but uses the vibration of your bone… yeah, there was probably a better way to phrase that but we wanted it to sound rude as we are like that. Oh, and the tech isn't that new. TechRadar got its bones vibrated in Japan last year. [Technology Review]

Don't put cream on your Nook – You may well have thought the Nook was invincible, but like Superman it has a weakness. Unlike Superman, its weakness is sun cream. "I got my Nook out of its case and the whole back of it was melted," said Jodie Brookfield. We. Have. No. Comment. [WSBTBV]

G-lovely day - Have you ever looked at your iPhone and thought: I know what would make this cooler – if it looked like a glove. Nope, neither have we but there is now a phone called the Glove One which is glove-shaped and, well, that's it really. [SlashGear]

On the downloadAngry Birds in its myriad feathered iterations has now been downloaded 1 billion times. Considering there are only 6.8 billion people on the planet this number makes us very sad indeed.

Swing while you're winning – Spider-Man does whatever a spider can. And it turns out spiders can offer up pre-order exclusives for The Amazing Spider-Man videogame. So, if you pre-order from Amazon you get a sub-game called Rhino Challenge; get it from Game and you get The Stan Lee Adventure Pack; and from other independent retailers you can unlock the Oscopr Search & Destroy Pack. Swing over to for more info.

Olympic effortSamsung may have nabbed the official Olympics phone, but HTC has decided to ingrain itself in the Games in a wholly different way. How, we hear you scream? Well, HTC CEO Peter Chou will be tripping the light fantastic and running with the Olympic torch in London. [The Verge]

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